Last Blog Post of 2014!

Wow. The year’s passed so fast.  I’ve learned so much about myself and others.  I’ve regained my confidence to write and now I’m circling the midpoint of my novel.  Last year, I kept talking about writing.  Talking. Talking. Talking.  2014 saw me doing, and I’m proud of myself.  In 2015, I will continue, continue, continue.  Also, my children kept growing and expanding their minds, forcing me to keep up with a smile on my face and wonder in my eyes.  In 2015, this will continue.  2014 saw my husband strive for his dreams and in 2015, the goal will be closer.

Favorite Thing about 2014: Returning to the writing life

Least Favorite Thing: The continuing plague of human hatred circumnavigating our waters. Enough already! Get it together, People!

So, in my robe, I wish all a Happy New Year! Don’t drink and drive.  In fact, stay home, watch the Twilight Zone marathon (with me), and snack on some chips and shrimp.  Tasty plans!!



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