What? A New Post After All?

Wow. I cannot believe how lame I’ve been. I haven’t posted a blog entry in months.  How can I desert (even temporarily) one of my creative outlets so blatantly? Forgive me, blog.  I knew not what I did. Anyway, I’m sick and I’m spending the penultimate day of 2014 in bed.  Most likely, tomorrow I’ll be doing the same (New Year’s Eve 2014).  No worries. I’ll just watch a marathon of whatever’s on and flip back and forth to another year’s respective show until the ball drops as well as kiss my husband and kids and snore the rest of the night away.

Thankfully, my heater’s up and running again as it’s cold now (Well, California cold. I’ve grown acclimated to it after eleven years; so, yeah, it’s cold.) I’ll write a respective of 2014 tomorrow. It’s only fitting and on New Year’s Day, I’ll write my plans, goals, and wishes for the new year.




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