Odds and Ends

Bear with me. It’s been eighteen days since my last post. But, Fall is on the horizon (For Southern CA, that means late October-Early November. Ugh!)

  • No shame. I’m sipping on a pumpkin spice hot chocolate from Starbuck’s as I type. Even though, it’s warm outside, I caved in. Deliciousness abounds! 
  • Tomorrow I start a fourteen-day teaching assignment. I’m excited and anxious at the same time. One never knows what the job holds. But, I’m a super trooper, so I’ll deal as I do. 
  • I want some fall foliage now. Perhaps, I should jump in my tardis and get it done. Of course, I’d have to visit my hometown of Philadelphia; but, I could use the time to shop for some awesome equestrian boots.
  • Can you believe it’s September already? I do have a fondness for the “BER” months. They remind of going back to school, the first chill of Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and of course, Christmas. Through the good and bad, the “BER” months are the life staple of time I yearn for, and they’ve returned. Yay me!
  • With the arrival of the “BER” months, my blog can become active again. The summer was a drag and created a mind lull. Let’s get this party started!

Peace and love



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