Since yesterday, I’ve read countless self-appointed experts tell me and others how to speak up when your depression hits you or how to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it strikes. They’ve sung louder than those, like me, living with it. Have we not said our peace each day, only to have them ignore us or treat us like porcelain dolls without emotions?

Yes, speak to someone. Just make sure they don’t tell you that your emotions is the “sickness” talking, discounting the fact that you are still entitled to feelings. If I’m angry, it’s not necessarily the mania or depression. I’m probably pissed off from the patronizing you’re dishing out. If I’m sad, it’s not necessarily my disorder. Perhaps, I saw a sad movie or listened to a sad song and don’t feel like sharing why I’m crying.

But, on the other hand, when we need your help, your support, just be there. Don’t pretend to know more about our illness than we do, or retort psychobabble we’ve endured before. Just listen. Just listen.


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