I completed a short story today. It’s a pretty standard (a tad under 500 words) piece. However, it’s my first one that made it to an 8th grade level! It sounds odd. I have a M.Ed.; so, of course, I should be able to write works that are at that level and above. It’s far more difficult than imagined. I don’t want to talk over my readers. I want them to grasp  the work without searching, or feeling the need to, dictionaries. Sometimes, writers create word stews that can become tedious to a reader (although for me, I love them.) I don’t want my readers to roll their eyes. I want them to appreciate, and no, I’m not saying I have to dumb it down. I just love accessibility.

Oh well. Life’s good. I’m cranking the short stories out in-between my main one, which is transforming into a novellette, maybe a novella? I need a drink. But, I have my kids coming home from school in a few hours. I’d settle for a Shirley Temple for the sugar kick.


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