It’s My Party!

Like, omigod, I’m totally having a party, fer sure! Like, the theme is “The 80s Never Left.” We are celebrating the totally bitchin’ years of 1980-89. As my guest, you are to dress as though you are living in the 1980s. Show off your bod and be creative. Sure, we wore neon. But, it was not the only fashion form. There will be a myriad of entertainment opportunities, like a film fest on VHS,(or Beta, if we can), a board game tournament (e.g. Simon, Connect Four, Battleship), and Atari/Nintendo! Furthermore, bring your appetites. Tubular choices like pudding pops, tri-color pasta salad, Golden Grahams cereal, Wendy’s hamburgers (“Where’s the Beef?”, ya know) among other foods that fed the decade. We will wash the grub down with Tab, Sunny D, and Orange Julius. Take a chill pill! Don’t worry about the tunes. If it made the Top 40 (and even if it didn’t), we will blast it! To make your drive home easier, fun bags of the best candy will be passed out. Don’t be grody to the max! Come dress to impress! You might just win a prize. I’m so sure!


2 thoughts on “It’s My Party!

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