True Tori – How True Will She Be?

I want to swoop in and hug Tori Spelling right now as I watch her new series, True Tori. In it, she chronicles the failing state of her marriage to her husband, Sir Douchebag, er, Dean McDermott and how she is dealing with it while raising four children alone. At first, I approached this show with a cynical outlook. She met Dean while they were both married to their first spouses, and despite that, had an affair. In fact, Dean had a child and a soon-to-be-adopted child waiting in the wings when he left. So, in my logical, realist mind, this entire situation reeks of karma printing out its receipt after a final purchase. You both were cheaters and, guess what, you now feel what the other spouses felt. So, deal. That’s life.

In this episode, she visits him at his “treatment center” (How convenient to go into treatment while she rides the drama out. Bull!). Throughout the session, his douchey behavior comes clear. He is condescending, patronizing, and in some aspects, attempts to come off as a wounded soldier. Can I touch you? He asked. No! She responded. Yet, he keeps asking to do it when she is adamant about you not touching her. You can’t be the wounded soldier when you pulled the trigger. She picked him. What a good catch, Tori!

However, I softened a bit while watching when she showed scenes of her children. She seemed lost, tired, and overwhelmed. As a mother, I wanted to talk to her and to tell her that she will overcome this hardship. To see her struggle was said, even though she still has it better than women doing it alone. It can be done, girl. Strengthen your backbone and move on. Your children needs you to be strong. You do not need Dean to survive. If you do not grow old with him, so what? I think that is a good thing. You should want better. Do better!

I will continue watching. I hope she chooses herself and her children over him. His douche radar is strong. Let’s face it. He married her thinking he hit the jackpot, and when he did not, he return to his disgusting ways. Ending her marriage and loving herself is the truest thing Tori can do for herself.


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