Well, I Do Believe I Caught the Vapors!

I finished a tasty tidbit of erotica entitled, Blush, by Opal Carew. While the book started off strong with a fairly believable plot and hot sex scenes, by the end of the book, the plot became convoluted and I found myself rolling my eyes more than desired. 

Hanna Jones is a café owner in search of an orgasm to tag along with a hot cup of tea and a scone. While she has a healthy sex life per se, she is unable to seal the deal. Well, what’s the point of getting sweaty without a touchdown, right? After a breakup from her ex-boyfriend and a suggestion by her sister, Grace (yes, her sister’s name is Grace Jones), she sets out to fix this problem and roam away from her comfort zone. It turns out that the right man for the job is J.M., regular customer of her café. I guess he wanted more than extra cream in his tea. Thus, after an unexpected one-night stand, she ventures into a relationship (fast, right?) with him. By the way, he turns out a Sexpert in the ways of the Karma Sūtra. 

I am not going to give away anything else. However, there are heavy sexual scenes and a re-appearance of Grey, her ex-boyfriend with some issues of his own. 

The Good

  • J.M. is a pretty hot character and I wouldn’t mind being a student of his ability.
  • Vivid scenes that was hot and heavy.

The Bad

  • Hanna Jones is an obvious Mary Sue for Carew. She’s beautiful, albeit naïve, blond and irresistible. I cannot tell you why since she comes off as shy in the beginning, but by chapters 2 and send, she’s a tart. No one’s character changes that fast. Sorry. No. It doesn’t happen. Apparently, Carew wants some of these scenes to occur in real-life. I am not mad at her. But, do your readers a favor and just do it without creating a character to act these things out.
  • How does she nab J.M.? Okay, maybe I am jealous that she “had” him and not me. Whatever.
  • By the book’s end, some of the scenes and the plot became ridiculous and convoluted. My eyes could not roll any faster to the back of my head.

Having said that, I did like the book (3.5 out of 5) and would recommend a read. The scenes are incredibly hot and I did catch myself fanning myself at times. I would say that the book was a guilty pleasure, despite the eye-rolling and audibly stream of “Really?”, particularly in my classroom during downtime (Sorry, kids!) May I suggest sipping a cold beverage in front of the fan as you read?

I feel it is my duty to reiterate: That J.M. was rather delicious.



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