I want to be the gravy to your biscuit
sopped up in a delicious lather
while grilled over a bed of romaine
as we lay drenched in ourselves

I require a cleanse
like a frothy smoothie enjoyed on a humid summer’s day
whittling away any pain caused by the cast-iron skillet of life

When will you return?
I fiend for you like the chocoholic to a Hershey’s kiss
like the wino to a a glass of vino
red or white, your colors shaped your unyielding aura
the greater the vintage, the sweeter the experience

I feel bulimic, purging these tears every hour
hoarding memories until I feast on new jaunts

There’s no weight to watch
no band to tighten my appetite
Jenny can’t help me now
You are my sustenance
I hunger for you.

©2014, Latanya Ivey


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