Under the Influence of Giants Left One Vocalist in an AWOLNation

I love revisiting songs from earlier years because it makes me wax nostalgic about my past deeds and where a given artist/group started their creative journey. Well, at this moment, I recanted Under the Influence of Giants and their song, “Mama’s Room”. This band hailed from Southern California and had some good tunes to share. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be boxed in this day and age of acute categorization. Man, they should have been big.

Sounds good, right? Thankfully, Aaron Bruno, lead vocalist for the band, did not leave the powers that be to decide his creative destination. He created his own solo project, AWOLNation and continued on his journey. I apologize in advanced for my late sharing; but, he has a tune that is really good. I am sure you’ve heard it on various commercials, movie/t.v. trailers, etc., The song is called “Sail”, and like his previous work, it’s worth a listen.

While listening to some tunes in my car today, I realized that many of the songs played nowadays are ringtones. They are computerized, thoughtless, repetitious, and monotone to the point where I cannot decipher one singer from the next. We are in scary “artistic” times. I implore you to search for talent. It’s there. Don’t sustain on a diet of this drivel.

Since this is Easter, this song is only fitting.

(This rock opera still, well, rocks.)


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