So, It’s Sunday Night…..

    Spring Break is over, and my kids return to school tomorrow. While I’m happy, I enjoyed spending more time with them goofing off and whatnot. Alas, with their return, works calls me back. So, it’s off to per diem calls, par for the course – no complaints. 

     This week is a busy one. I have work, my son’s zoo trip with his class (My feet will burn!!), a writer’s workshop on Friday (Poetry!!), and the L.A. Times Festival of Books! I am really excited about the latter. My mojo is feeling at home. I have part two of my short story going, so I’m ready to put it to bed with the final section. The festival will help me with that. I want to taste, feel, smell, see, and hear any inspiration I can get from it. 

     But, right now, I’m bumming it completely with a bag of hot pork rinds and the movie, Jawbreaker, on my t.v. Judge me! It’s the calm before the storm that is this upcoming week. 

     I’m Audi! (Figuring I’m watching a 90s movie, I should reuse slang I used then.)



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