I joined a weekly writer’s group to help keep me on the writing path. I enjoyed my first meeting this past Thursday. At the group, one can read parts of their writing and receive critiques from the members. I look forward to reading this Thursday. My fingers are crossed as to how my writing will be perceived. Also, the weekly group gave me a connection to a monthly writer’s workshop. I attended the January one this past Friday (busy, busy, busy) and I really enjoyed it. We were given a writing assignment where we switched the gender perspective of the conflict piece. I nailed it. Complete silence engulfed the room and I did not receive any negative critique. They loved it. Now I might have to add that scene to my novel now.

The only thing I have to deal with now is writing each day. It is difficult when my head gets packed with too much information. But, I manage somehow, even if I’m only writing a few sentences. This is a serious goal for me, and I will finish it.

On the pop culture front, I saw August: Osage County. It’s a good, not perfect film. Meryl played Meryl. Julia played Julia. Benedict grasped his character and did as expected (terrific). Thus, I will squeal a few more times today as I livestream the final Sherlock Series 3 episode. Wee!!!!! After that, I’ll cook dinner and bum around until the Golden Globes comes on.

My GG Predictions:

Chiwetel Elijfor (Best Lead Actor, Drama), 12 Years a Slave (Best Picture), Lupita N’yongo (Best Supporting Actress, 12 Years…), and Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave, Best Supporting Actor). That’s all I care about.



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