Bingeing on B

I have been on a week-long binge on Beyonce’s new album and I don’t think I can stop. Now mind you, I’m not a stan. I’m a fan, even though I tend to keep her at an arm’s distance to not go overboard, like with that actual standom that I’m immersed in (*wink*). I like this album. It’s better than 4. She’s grown up with some mature married woman lyrics that I can relate to.

Am I truly in the Beyhive? I don’t know. Since I tend to be introverted, I consider myself encircling it. But, this album’s deserving of a listen. So, go do it.

My favorites, well, it’s difficult. I know I have some that get more play than others.

Haunted – Truly haunting with a video that’s reminiscent of Madonna’s “Justify My Love” with American Horror Story mixed in (I love these elements).

Partition and Blow – I love these songs for their grown-folks lyrics. Enough said!

Rocket – Taking cues from D’Angelo’s “Untitled”, Beyonce explains her desires for her husband.

Superpower – Featuring Frank Ocean, this song is an ode to African-Americans. Whether or not she intended it to be so, the song speaks of the need to love each other and our worth. We’ve come far and we won’t back down.

Mine- Normally, I ignore Drake. But, this collaboration is worth a listen.

No Angel – This song is growing on me. I can relate to the song. and I’m sure my husband can to.

She has other tunes on the album that are enjoyable. However, these songs are my favorites (Yes, I’m admitting to it!).

She’s a grown woman and this album shows.


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