Nine Days Since I’ve Written a Word? Seriously?

Wow! Time flies when your mind wanders. Doesn’t it?

I guess my mind needed some sweet release. So, I looked up a song that describes how I feel when I need to call on my heavenly father to release the stress and tension in my life. I heard the song when I was eleven. But, of course, at that age, even when a song moves you, the right words to describe why takes a while to formulate with each passing experience encountered.

Hence, the song resonates more now than it did then. Previously, it was a sweet song. Now, it represents the daily calling I have when I can no longer stand on my own two feet; yet, even when I feel this way, I can call on Jesus/God to give me one more day to rethink my position. Of course, he always comes through.

I present for your ears, heart, and soul Jevetta Steele’s 1987 song from the “Baghdad Cafe” soundtrack, “Calling You”.



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