I Love My Life!

I saw my cinematic husband, Benedict Cumberbatch, in person on Saturday evening as he left the BAFTAS LA. I died a little death – le petit mort. He’s so beautiful in person. I was next to him and behind him. He blew a kiss, got in his car, and left. I’m in Heaven.

Let me set the seen. Previously, I planned to go to the Beverly Hilton earlier on Saturday. However, I heard a rumor that there wouldn’t be a fan section. So, I ditched the idea and went to my husband’s business gala. We left that engagement earlier than expected and I begged my lovingly wonderful husband to drive me over there because my spidey senses told me I had to go. So, we went. I didn’t see anyone outside (I was in the back entrance.) But, never taking a no for an answer, I told my husband that I’d be back in 10 minutes. I thought I would be turned away; but, I wasn’t. There were other fans waiting. So, I was happy that I wouldn’t be alone. Well, 10 minutes became 20 which became 30 and my husband came in. Ticked off, but understanding, he waited.

The BAFTAS ended and we waited and waited. Tons of people poured out. I saw Sir Ben Kingsley with his award. Cool. Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child. No big deal. Sorry. Sascha Baron Cohen. Awesome. Chitewel Elijfor (12 Years A Slave) and chatted him up. I told him I loved the movie and that I’m proud of him. He gave me his autograph!!! Next, Idris Elba. Boy, is he brawny.

Shell-shocked. I was getting nervous and a bit sad because it seemed people were emptying out the auditorium. Lo and behold, patience saves the day. I saw the back of his head in the auditorium, which led to his profile, and finally, he came out! He walked up and I didn’t realize just how close I was to him. I was an inch away. So, I followed him! What’s a fangirl to do? He blew a kiss and waved and off he went (presumably back to London). The cinematic man of my dreams vanished. But, I saw him. That’s all I wanted.

Boy, did my husband come through with that! Thanks, Honey!!!!

I’m exhausted. I began the week with Tom Hiddleston and ended it with Benny, Chitewel, and others. Love my life!!




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