Fangirl (Ahem, Fan Woman) Moment!

I saw Tom Hiddleston today! He is so beautiful. Okay, he is not as beautiful as my cinematic husband, Ben. But, he’s close. I went to the taping of tonight’s “Chelsea Lately” (on E!) and he was the guest. Normally, I don’t watch the show because she’s annoying. Yet, for Tom, I had to use her to see him.

Delectable, dashing, and darling Tom! He is so cute!!!! Long fingers, tall, curly red hair and the manners of an Adonis! Good goodness.

He’s in town for the premiere of “Loki: The Dark World”. Oh wait. That’s “Thor: The Dark World”, which is the only film where the bad guy has more fangirls than the hero. Ha!

He’s a simply lovely man!!! I am still dancing with butterflies over here. You will have to excuse me.


Friday, I hope to do the same with my cinematic husband, Ben, at the AFI Gala for his next upcoming movie, “August: Osage County”. Yay!







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