Closing the Wicked Doors of the Terrordome #31 “Trick ‘r Treat”

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Tonight’s the final night of my 31-Day Challenge “Welcome to the Terrordome”. I enjoyed myself because horror film is thrilling. There’s so many titles and subgenres to choose from. Don’t worry. I will return next year with new and old movies. I had a blast!

So, on my last night, I’m in the midst of a “Trick ‘r Treat” 24-hour marathon. Yes, a whole day of this widely undiscovered film that should take the spot for THE film to watch on Halloween. I’ll come back and add a review of the film since there’s a lot going on throughout my house at the moment (e.g. trick r treating, eating my kids’ candy, watching more movies).

Here’s the trailer! Enjoy!

Have a safe night!

“This is Halloween” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”




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