Welcome to the Terrordome #30 (Rerun of Halloween 1 and 2)

It’s been a long day and there’s nothing on t.v. that’s good. FearFest was largely a disappointment (again) this year with a few gems (“The Exorcist”, “Halloween”). But, otherwise, AMC and other networks disappointed. So, I’ll rewatch Halloween and Halloween II without any reviews. You can reread the ones I’ve written, if you desire.

I’ll return tomorrow with a review of “Trick R Treat”, an anthology film with the common denominator of Sam, an Halloween “child”. My six-year-old likes the movie. Don’t get upset. I cover his eyes when anything inappropriate comes on. He likes Sam. Although that makes me nervous, I can’t squelch any young love for horror film just yet.

Happy Mischief Night!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Angel! (My ironically named sister born the day before Halloween and on Mischief Night! Ha!)



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