Welcome to the Terrordome #22 “Halloween II”

I’m continuing my non-cliched viewing of the Halloween films (Well, the first two) tonight with 1981’s “Halloween II”.

  • It’s quite clear that the producer was milking his cash cow because the sequel’s not good. However, it’s not terrible.
  • A good aspect of the film is that the same timeline continues. The film picks up from the final moments of the previous film. Therefore, it’s the same night during the aftermath of Michael Myers’ (non-bloody) slaughter field day. Well, I have to take that back because there’s a scalding of a nurse in an extremely hot bath and the head nurse is drained of her blood for which a EMT slips on it. Yet, we are able to get a sense of “closure” from the first film. Closure in the sense that the storyline, until about 17 years later, is resolved. I won’t speak of the subsequent sequels.
  • Apparently, Jamie Lee Curtis couldn’t find a believable wig (She had since cut her hair by the sequel’s filming.) It still distracts me.
  • The only person I really feel sad for is the kid that was barbecued. That kid had a family. It’s a shame and speaks of Dr. Loomis’ idiocy. Michael is bigger than the boy. Plus, he was yielding a weapon. Duh! Poor kid. He could’ve had the cure for a disease, or a #1 Jazz hit.
  • Also, I hope the hospital was shut down. That has to be the most understaffed hospital ever! A major hospital with only two nurses, one drunk doctor, two EMTs, and a candy stripper is allowed to exist? Irresponsible!
  • Shouldn’t Dr. Loomis have died in the explosion? Why was he able to return later in the series?

Anyway, I watch this film out of a force of habit in October. I grew up with the movie and it’s in the blood to watch it, despite the plot holes, flaws, and inconsistencies. Therefore, I’ll give it a 6 out of 10 .

(On a tangent, can we give “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” another shot as a stand-alone film? It’s not that bad.)

Fun Facts About “Halloween II”: Lance Guest, the surviving EMT, showed up in another unnecessary sequel of a good movie, “Jaws IV: The Revenge” as Michael, the oldest son of Chief Brody.


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