Welcome to the Terrordome #21 “Halloween (1978)

Tonight I’m watching 1978’s “Halloween”. You might be wondering why I’m not watching it on Halloween. My reason is that IT’S CLICHE TO WATCH THE MOVIE ON HALLOWEEN. It’s been done to death (pun intended) and I’m burying that “tradition”. Besides, I’m watching “Trick or Treat” because I like that film much more.

I am not going to discuss it at length because you can find a million and one reviews on the Internet, television, and so on. But, I will say the following:

  • It’s still a good film and worthy of a watch; although, “Black Christmas” is the far superior movie.
  • It’s no longer scary because it’s been on heavy rotation since 1978 and well, the suspense is kaput.
  • This film is a sneaky morality snuff movie. The virginal chick, based on her pure virtue, is safe, albeit the final girl; while, the bad girls get slaughtered (though no blood’s seen). It’s a classic case of the Madonna/Whore complex. Girls, keep those legs crossed, if you value your life apparently. I guess Jamie Lee Curtis enjoyed this complex because she followed it up with “Prom Night”, “The Fog”, and “Terror Train”.
  • I remain annoyed at the amount of times I have to hear “totally”. It unnerves me! Can’t Lynda just say “really!” or “completely!” Variety, you know?
  • Yes, I have the ringtone on my phone. But, I am using a “Tales from the Crypt” ringtone at the moment.
  • I want a stay at Michael Myers sanitarium because 1) you get driving lessons, and 2) there’s a prototype of the Internet where you can keep tabs of your baby sister.

9 out of 10

Fun Facts About Halloween: John Carpenter shot the film in Pasadena, California in the summer. Cheap ideas work best sometimes. Also, this film made back its budget and then some. Really! If you’re a fan of this movie (or the series), you know this stuff already.

Tomorrow, I’ll do its sequel, Halloween II – so much for name creativity.





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