Welcome to the Terrordome #18 “Silver Bullet”

Boy in motorized wheelchair-moped hybrid meets his pastor stuck in an hairy situation. I present to you 1985’s “Silver Bullet”.

Based on a Stephen King novella, Cycle of the Werewolf, this movie showcases future teen idol Corey Haim and Gary Busey as an uncle and his nephew who ultimately have to put down the town’s pastor. Why? He’s a werewolf. After a string of murders in his small town, Marty Coslaw (I’m sorry that last name is basically coleslaw and you know it.) sees how they have had their effect on the town. Curfews are set. Vigilantes attempt to find the murderer. Both to no avail.

Unfortunately, Marty runs into the unbelievable – the town’s local werewolf. It tries to attack Marty; however, Marty avoids being murdered by clocking the beast in the eye with a rocket from his special, motorized wheelchair. After warning his sister, Jane, who disbelieves him, Marty sends her out to find anyone in the town with an injured or missing eye. Of course, somebody has an injured eye and I won’t reveal who, if you haven’t seen it. Ultimately, the injured werewolf sets out, in human form, to kill the brother and sister since they know the secret. There’s a showdown at the end, where the inevitable happens.

This film is not gory, but effectively scary nonetheless. I’d feel comfortable showing this to my children because it’s framed as a childhood memory of Jane’s, as she recounts that spooky time in their lives. No blood or gore equals a good time for my kids.  Of course, the very last lines in the movie are a bit hokey, but they appear genuine as a means of expressing the often oil and vinegar relationship between Marty and Jane.

Overall, I recommend it. So, if you want a moderately scary film with no blood and where kids save the day, “Silver Bullet” is a good one.

I give it an 6 out 10 considering the theme and all.

Fun Facts About “Silver Bullet”: Since this is a movie adapted from a novella, the plot and characters differ from the printed version.

I’m off. I’m going to rewatch “The Lost Boys”, a horror film featuring Corey Haim, that’s actually scary and a classic.


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