Welcome to the Terrordome #11 – “Satan’s School for Girls” (1973)

For the past ten days, I’ve reviewed theatrical horror releases. For some unforeseen reason, I acted unconsciously as a film snob. While I included films for different decades and included family fare, I forgot completely the contributions of televised or made-for-t.v. films. Before I had cable, er, I meant before my parents had cable, we had matinee movies. These were t.v. films programmed in the afternoon, on Saturdays and Sundays, that entertained us until prime time television came on. During this time, I watched great and not-so-great, in fact, downright cheesy and mediocre films that spanned diverse genres. One of the greatest genres to be showered with affection on t.v. was horror, especially during the 1970s. While I was in diapers in the midst of that decade, if I could make a time machine, I’d jump in and enjoy those films first-hand as they premiered (as well as make sure my parents moved to London, so I could grow up next to my Benny, but I digress.)

One such film was “Trilogy of Terror”, which I won’t reviewed because, damn it, that voodoo doll still scares the mess out of me. That’s the makings of a good horror film. I’m too scared to watch it again because it stunned me amazingly. Thus, I will focus on a film that hasn’t scared me, but has entertained me in that I will watch it many times, 1973 “Satan’s School for Girls”.

The film begins with Martha running  (well, driving) from an apparent invisible entity. The next day she’s found hanged in her room. Of course, without any leads or evidence, her death is deemed a suicide. As with any family that knows a member, her sister, Elizabeth disagrees and personally investigates. Despite warnings from Martha’s roommate, Elizabeth enrolls at her sister’s exclusive school, under a pseudonym. At the school, she is greeted by three girls, two of which later worked for Charlie as his angels. Yet again, I digress.

After a series of strange occurrences, Elizabeth realizes that the supernatural reigns at the school and sets out to put to it. Does she? Well, I don’t do spoilers. So, see it for yourself. As I mentioned before, this film, while cheesy at times, is a good one and is worthy of a viewing. I mentioned that two of the girls later worked for Charlie as his angels. Those girls are Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd! Yes, those devilish girls found a home as detectives, making up for their sinister ways! You go, girls! It’s playing on Youtube now, as it’s hard to see on t.v., or quite possibly, Netflix.

I rate this film 7 out of 10  (Considering that this film is bloodless, it’s a win!)

Fun Fact About “Satan’s School for Girls (1973)”: There’s a remake; hence, the consistent callback to the year it was made. Shannon Doherty plays Elizabeth in this one, which was made in 2000. It’s not bad. But, it’s not as scary as the first.


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