The Definition Conundrum

We all have that one friend insisting on using words, particularly social or political jargon, they don’t quite understand. No matter how many times you inform them of a word’s connotation, they won’t stop. Discussions with them often lead to exasperating arguments with the inevitable outcome of a migraine and the need for a drink, even if you’ve never sip an ounce of wine previously.

We must help our Republican brothers and sisters. We must stage an intervention on the word, diversity. Once we do, we can pass the memo over to the California GOP, clearly uses this word freely, and without abandon, despite the inability to not bridge the usage with its true meaning.

The California GOP’s Fall Convention was held in Anaheim on Oct. 4-6 They assured that they will “rebuild the party from the ground up,” and with that assurance came such panels as “Women on the Right” and “Grassroots 101: Latino Engagement”. Also, “Asian-American Elected Officials” and “Latino Elected Officials” served as some of the topics offered in the roundtables. So, are we going to ignore the fact they ignore blacks and gays? Yay, inclusion! Just make sure you’re one of the groups that we will tolerate, but not necessarily accept. Party over here! Selective diversity does not cut it. If you’re going to continue using the word, it is all or nothing, buddy.

With that minute step forward, there was one step backward as expected. Buttons and other paraphernalia were spotted with quotes, such as “KFC Hillary Special: 2 Fat Thighs, 2 Small Breasts…Left Wing” and “I Still Hate Commies…even after they changed their name to Liberals” (Kaufman, 2013). Let’s have a short aside. See? There’s word usage that illustrates a bridge collapse – the “Commie” label.

Apparently, I boarded a time machine and landed in 1953. Being liberal and desiring freedom for all Americans and beyond does not equate to Communism. Try again. You keep using that word when you don’t know what it means.

But, I digress. Seeking diversity is a beautiful thing. However, the recipe for the actual implementation does not nor should not include misogyny and sexism. By focusing on Hilary Clinton’s body parts, you are telling society that you should continue sitting at the kids’ table whenever the issue of diversity appears. You’re not ready for this required conversation at the adult table as you reduce women to the sum of their parts and not their whole entity, like where they stand on campaign financing or the Common Core Curriculum, implemented in some states.

Hosting roundtables and panels to a select few and using misogynistic and sexist comments that you would not offer to say, Governor Chris Christie, exclusivity will remain. Women do not respond well to hatred. As long as that’s present, it’s not hard to deduce that racism and homophobia still fester as well. Inclusive is not your main goal and the smoke and mirrors will soon clear. With that in mind, I must demand that you stop using the word. Your true colors continue to show.



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