WTF Wednesday #2 Welcome to the Terrordome!

I love the month of October for one reason only.


Yeah, that’s cool and all. While I enjoy candy, I can do that any day in any month of the year. What I like about October is that for an entire month somewhere on television – network and cable – a horror film is played. Literally, I can scare myself silly by pushing power on my remote control and making sure I’m current on my cable bill for thirty-one days non-stop.

Sure, there’s FearNet and Chiller, two horror cable networks appealing to connoisseurs like me. However, when I look at the calendar and see October flashing at me (Perhaps, I am due for a vision exam since I’m seeing flashing words), these channels simply won’t do.  AMC’s FearFest, formerly known as MonsterFest those obsessing over those two straight weeks of horror gluttony for ten years now, help feed the addiction. But, before that special event occurs, I need my daily fix.

So, as crazy as some will think it is, I create a challenge. I will not only watch a horror film daily; but, I will write a film review that I will post on here on the same day.

Difficult? Perhaps.

Time-consuming? Only if it’s a film that is horrible and unworthy of the drops of Visine I will surely use on subsequent days.

Yet, let’s make this challenge more interesting via the following: 1) Giving a narrow scope of films from 1970 – 1990 (Yes, to many, this twenty-year span is a Golden era of sorts), 2) Mixing both known and underrated films, and 3) Each review has to be 500 words or less (No dissertations will be posted. Go to for that.)

Come October 1st, let the machetes fly.


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