I hate those deaaaadliinnnes…

I know I want them.

I know I need them.

But I’m a lazy girl.

Okay, I’ll stop with the bad “remix” of Robin Thicke’s song. But, my flow is true. I hate deadlines, even if they are a necessary evil that proved their worth time and time again. When I sat down a few days ago to outline my book, I assumed that I can just let chapters flow naturally.


That’s not going to happen here. I need them like I need water for hydration. How should I go about it, though? Should I give myself four-month intervals? Six months? A year? (Even I choose the latter, I’m trusting myself way too much to NOT complete my book.)

I got it. I will give myself four-month intervals to lay down the foundation, outlines (Yeah, there will be several), and work out all of the other drama that goes with creating and publishing my book. If necessary, I will stretch to five months. But, I will not stretch a given section’s interval. Otherwise, what’s the point? It’ll lead back to the ten years worth of attained procrastination I’ve invested. I would like my book shopped and published mid to late 2015.

So, yes, my Dear Sherlock (Benedict, Benny, Ben), I am adhering to a schedule. I will event set a countdown timer on this very blog. Unless something drastic happens, I am sticking to it. Right, Mr. Holmes?

Thank you, Dear!


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