Another Day in the Mommyhood #1

Today, I had that inevitable parenting moment when I had to ask myself whether or not I was raising a mastermind.

Hear me out. No, I am not pretentious. Rather, I experienced a mixture of concern and pride. While attending to my son’s daily drop-off rituals at school, I had a brief talk with his first grade teacher, Miss S.*. She informed me that my youngest son, D., was making little, distracting sounds during her lessons. It wasn’t just once. It’s been several times that he exhibited this behavior, and as a consequence, he was benched during lunch recess.

Okay, I didn’t disagree with her. That is a proper consequence for his misguided activities. However, D. decided that he was not going to sit out his lunch recess and proceeded to play with his friends. Well, of course, that’s not good. He was given a fitting order and he was supposed to adhere to it. Sounds pretty standard, right? Teacher raised concerns with a student’s not following directions and told his mother of said concerns.

When confronted about not sitting at the bench, he uttered that he was present at the bench, and that the reason Miss S. had not seen him was simple. He replied matter-of-factly, “I was in camouflage,”

I did a mental spit take that manifested a brief smile. I couldn’t believe it. Miss. S. feigned a look of surprise at my smirk. I straightened my face and artlessly accepted my disbelief and assured that I, along with my husband, will correct this behavior. If he continues, I insisted that she benches him or loses his center time often until he tires of the punishment and shapes up. We agreed and I left the classroom.


Wait! Here’s the conundrum: Do I remain annoyed, or do I stand amazed at his awesome response? D. is six years old. At six, I highly doubt, despite being one of the few at the head of the class (Humility anyone?), that I could respond the way he did. D. is honest about his feelings and/or opinions. But, wow. I did not expect him to go there. Miss S. was clearly dumbfounded. How do you respond to that as an adult?

Of course, before the morning bell rang,  I expressed to D. my expectations of proper behavior, which included not making sounds and following his teacher’s instructions. Yet, in the back of my mind, I said to myself, “Funny kid. He should be in show business”, while walking around with my serious mommy face (You know that face! I properly inherited it from my mother.)

Ah, it was just another day in the Mommyhood. (But, seriously that kid’s going into show business.)

*Names have been changed to protect the sane.


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